Equipment Rental (H-M)

Hammer Drills


Model Features Include:

  • Single impact energy 5.8 ft-lbs
  • Variable speed allows for precise hole placement on work surface
  • Dual mode: hammerdrill/drill for wood, steel or masonry applications
  • Hammer drilling diameter range 15/32-1 9/16

Hammer SDS

Hammer SDS Max

The Bosch 1-1/8 in. SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer combines an 8 Amp motor that produces 2.6 ft.-lb. of impact energy with a 7.7 lb. frame to offer a power to weight ratio that ensures a powerful performance. This versatile tool offers 3 modes of operation (rotary hammer, hammer only and rotation only) and delivers 4,000 BPM and 900 RPM for fast chiseling and drilling. The rotary hammer's vibration control helps limit vibrations in the hammer mechanism and grip area to offer comfort while you work.

Hammer Drills

Hilti Hammer TE2000

Model Features Include:

  • The new Hilti is the hardest hitting hammer in its class
  • Active Vibration Control™ - vibration reduction in the hammer mechanism and the grip area provides maximum user comfort for extended periods of work; 50% LESS vibration 
  • Ergonomic Handles - new ergonomic shock absorbing handles provide additional user comfort in all day applications
  • Non-Slip Housing Cover - rubberized housing cover helps prevent tool from accidental fall over when the tool is not in use
  • Total portability - operates on 115/120V AC/DC, 15 amp outlet or 2500 watt portable generator
  • ServiceMinder™ brush system - shuts the Brute™ off when brush replacement, lubrication or preventative maintenance is needed
  • Grease packed gear box and hammer mechanism - eliminates uncertainty of job site lubrication
  • The plug in anywhere hammer - does not need a compressor
Hammer Brute



Material lift load capacity 700lbs load center 14"  -dual-handle , two-speed, shift-on-the-fly winch. Easily loadable and highly transportable.Non-marking casters and transport wheeks.


Our lifts are used in difficult-to-reach places for maintenance work or warehouse inventories, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Most boom lifts have turntables that can be rotated 360° in either direction and raised or lowered from vertical to below horizontal for easier positioning, while scissor lifts are designed with larger platform work areas and generally allow for heavier loads than boom lifts.

Scissor Lifts

Product Features:

  • Mast Lift 16', SJ16
  • Scissor Lift 19’, 3219
  • Scissor Lift 26', 3226
  • Scissor Lift 32’, 4632
  • Scissor Lift 41' All Terrain

Hammer, Pneumatic 65lbs

Hammer, Pneumatic 90lbs

Digging trenches, post hole, breaking concrete and asphalt in small areas.


Misc equipment

MQ Concrete Buggy, Wheel





The MQ Whiteman power buggy has earned a reputation as the most durable, dependable and versatility .

Overall width 45" 

Operating weight 1135LBS

Model Features Include: Bucket size 16CU

Concrete Buggy, Track

Rubber track concrete buggys has revolutionized the way contractors place concrete. No longer held back by the limitations of conventional rubber tired machines.

Concrete Power Trowel 36"

Concrete Power Trowel 48"

Completely redesigned to help concrete professional produce high tolerance concrete floors.


The Terex RL4 is a durable, cost effective solution for jobsite lighting. The 30 ft (9.14 m) extended-height floodlight tower provides 4,000 Watts of light.

1,250 Metal Halide Wattage, 542,000 Metal Halide Lumens (total)

Night-Lite "V-Series"

Sequenced Light System (SLS) Automatically delays engine shutdown to turn off lights and prevent generator from shutting down while under load.

1,250 Metal Halide Wattage, 542,000 Metal Halide Lumens (total)

Generator 7000 Watt

Model Features Include:

  • Perfect for home back up power ,RVs,outdoor events and more.
  • Electric start 
  • super quiet & fuel efficient.



​​​​​Noise level 58 db(A)rated load 52db(A)@ 1/4 load

Run time on full tank  6.4hrs @rated load ,16hrs@ 1/4 load

Dry weight 2632 Lbs 

165.000 BTU, 16.5 Gal.

Pump Trash 2"   211 GPM



Specially designed for job sites and applications where high volume trash water capacity is needed.

Moves up to 1" solids . 


165.000 BTU, 16.5 Gal.

Pump Trash 3" 396 GPM


7.9 HP Honda 

Specially designed for job sites and applications where high volume trash water capacity is needed. 

Moves up to 1.5 solids

Pressure Washer 2400 PSI

Sunfire Radiant Heater

150,000 BTU / 19 gal tank-diesel


  • Heats up to 3500 sq.ft
  • Run time on high 17 hours low 19 hours
  • Gently quiet /virtually odorless
  • Weight empty 195lbs full 320lbs

350.000 BTU, 30 Gal.

600.000 BTU, 36 Gal.

Model Features Include:

  • Heats up to 1,100 sq. feet
  • Perfect for small heating areas – garages, workshops, construction sites
  • Operates up to 14 hours on full tank (5 gal.) of fuel
  • Easy assembly
165.000 BTU, 16.5 Gal.

Pallet Jack

Model Features Include:

  • Split your way through the tough stuff
  • Plenty of power to split hardwood with ease
Paver Vacuum 12v

Drill Core Hand Held

Drill Core Hand Held

Compact and lightweight core drill for holes up to 3-1/4" in brick, limestone, cinder blocks and other abrasive materials. A slip clutch protects the operator in case of jamming.

Drill Core Medium

Drill Core Large

Paver Vacuum 110V

Vacwerks VW-150 bl

lifting capacity 220 lbs

BL stands for blower vacuum. Blower technology enables us to excell in most difficult vacuum applications. Handling porous materials such as dry cast concrete. Blower vacuum generates a high degree of air volume resulting in a safe and secure grip even as air is lost due to surface textures.


Electric Concrete Mixer 1/3 Bag


Mini Concrete Mixer 1/2 Bag


The Concrete Mixer continue to reign as the "World's Finest Portable Concrete Mixers". Like all champions this mixer is a unique blend of power, speed and reliability. We have both motor options available .

Electric or gasoline.

Electric Concrete Mixer 1/3 Bag

 Concrete Mixer MC64ph8

This portable, versatile and durable cement mixer handles easily rolled nearly anywhere on two large wheels. Drum capacity 6 cu ft (165 liters)


Electric Concrete Mixer 1/3 Bag