Equipment Rental (A-G)

Block Splitter

  • The Montolit Block Splitters ( Manual)
  • The Montolit is designed to cleanly and precisely split segmental retaining wall units such as brick pavers. The Montolit is portable, and can be moved around a job site by one person, thanks to its integrated handles and solid rubber or plastic wheels. It's small and lightweight enough to be transported in a minivan or small pickup truck.
Block splitter

Block Splitter     

20 ton power 

40,000 psi  

Krack Hog  khbs18

  • Operated by an easily pumped hydraulic foot action pedal 
  • Large splitting table 18 3/8" x 16" 
  • Splits block from 1 1/2" to 8"

Weight 200lbs


Kaeser 210cfm tow behind compressor


Kaeser 92cfm tow behind compressor


Kaeser 185cfm  Mobilair™ M55 tow behind compressor


Concrete Vibrator

Northrock Concrete Vibrator

concrete vibrator

Whiteman Duoscreed w/ 12’ bar

Multiquip's DuoScreed allows for one-man operation with it's unique blade profile. The DuoScreed features an integrated lifting bar that is part of the control handle, an advanced blade that can reverse in seconds and aluminum alloy blades. The DuoScreed is powered by a four-stroke, 1.5-hp Honda GX-31 gasoline engine.

concrete vibrator



Sit-down counterbalanced Forklift

Hyster H40-70UT

Heli CPCD25

HELI forklift trucks high standard performance, comfortable driving experience and the simple and safe operation will make your work handier.

J.C.B. Loadall

Hyster 210 Boom/Slab 21,000

Hyster Company has always produced some of the best pneumatic tire lift trucks in the 19,000-36,000 pound range. Hyster is forging a new trail with a truck that will set the bar even higher.

Hyster 210 Boom/Slab 21,000

J.C.B. Loadall, 42' w/Forks

You want compact size and manoeuvrability. You want a machine that works in restricted height buildings. You want excellent lift height, lift capacity and reach. Before, all of this meant a combination of skid steer, wheeled loading shovel and forklift... not now.

J.C.B. Loadall

Bucket for J.C.B. Loadall

1 Cubic Metre Telehandler Buckets, Suitable for All7 – 17 Metre JCB Loadalls.